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Pickapeppa is most famous for its classic sauce, but this is only the beginning of the exciting Pickapeppa line: Pickapeppa Hot Red Pepper Sauce is a hot sauce with distinctively sweet flavor; and our newest sauces, Pickapeppa Gingery Mango, Pickapeppa Spicy Mango and Pickapeppa Hot Mango are spicy, versatile, and healthy.  Pickapeppa products are all natural and contain no additives or preservatives.  They are also gluten free, allergen free and suitable for vegetarians. Pickapeppa flavors like no other.

Just like fine wines, Pickapeppa Sauce and Pickapeppa Hot Pepper Sauce require extensive aging to reach fullness and body. There is simply no other way to extract the rich intensity and flavor found in Pickapeppa products.  It is this patience and attention to detail that ensures the continuing high quality of Pickapeppa products.