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Warbac Sales has been importing Pickapeppa to the US since 1982. Pickapeppa, as it always has, enters the US through the Port of New Orleans and over the years has become a vital part of that city’s cuisine, often used to compliment the traditional spices in Cajun and Creole cooking.

Warbac Sales is a family-owned and operated company. The Backer family has been in the food business in New Orleans for three generations and is proud to be the US importer of some the Caribbean’s finest sauces, Pickapeppa chief among them.

Sales Information

You may order our products and services on-line through our secure connection to the Internet. Any information you send us will be fully encrypted for your protection. We accept payment by Mastercard and Visa, and every effort is made to ensure that your purchases are shipped within 24 hours of the receipt of your order.

If you have questions or comments regarding a purchase, please click on the contact us link, call us at 504-834-1395, or send us e-mail at CBG@pickapeppa.com.

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